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Investment Products


Alternative Investments

  • Commodities ETFs

  • Curreny ETFs

  • Long/Short Funds

  • Managed Futures ETFs/Funds



  • Variable

  • Fixed



  • New Issue/Syndicate Offerings

  • Individual Stocks

  • Exchange-Traded Funds

  • Closed-End Funds

  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

  • Unit Investment Trust (UIT)

  • Structured Products


Mutual Funds

  • 17,500 share class alternatives

    • No-Load

    • A, B, C share classes

  • 5,300 institutional mutual funds

  • 2,600 load-waived funds

  • Over 500 Fund Families including the most widely held companies including:

Vanguard, American Funds, Franklin Templeton, PIMCO, T. Rowe Price, Oppenheimer, Goldman Sachs, Putnam, MFS, AIM, American Century, BlackRock, Fidelity, etc.

  • Research

    • Access to Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. (CSIA) mutual fund research

    • Direct access to portfolio managers through live event via webcasts and teleconferences


Managed Products

  • Customized discretionary portfolio



  • Term-Life

  • Variable Universal Life

  • Whole Life


Fixed Income

  • Individual Bonds

    • U.S. Treasury issues - U.S. Treasury issues are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government and include Treasury zero-coupon bonds, Treasury securities (bills and notes), STRIPS and TIPS

    • Government agency and mortgage-backed securities - Agnecy securities, agency zero-coupon bonds, Ginnie Mac securities and CMOs

    • Corporate Bonds - Corporate bonds are debt instruments issued by a corporation and include OTC, listed and convertibles

    • Preferred Securities - Convertible preferreds and hybrid preferreds

    • Short-term instruments - Commercial paper and certificate of deposit (CDs)

    • Municipal bonds and UITs

    • International bonds


Cash Investments

  • Everyday Cash from Schwab Bank - used for daily expenses with a need for ongoing accessibility; usually held in a checking account such as:

    • Schwab Banik High Yield Investor Checking

  • Cash Pending Investment - needed immediately for pending investments in stocks, bonds and mutual funds; usually held for 30 days or less in a cash investments feature such as:

    • Sweep Money Market Fund

    • Bank Sweep Feature

    • Schwab One Bank Interest Feature

  • Long-Term Cash Investments - set aside for major purchases or known obligations such as a home down payment, typically due within a year or less.  Often used as an emergency fund. Can also be part of a long-term strategic asset allocation.  Products include:

    • Purchased Money Market Funds

    • CDs

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